I’ve made all kinds of fun weird stuff over the years
this is were it lives.

Calming loader

Loaders can stress people out, I wanted to do the opposite. This one is based on the global average length of  the breath of a person with 58 BPM. Kinda cool.

I made a video game 

Where all the moves were gesture based and secret moves let you call into action a new mythical monster per level. I might have made 2000+ illustrations for this but whos counting.


Before Disney bought us, we made a game where kids ran a club and paid their employees with sugar. I made the feature “Party Mode”, once you did all your tasks, we made it rain money and Sugar!

Brand Fun

Eyegroove let teens make music videos, the app was awesome but the most fun was the brand animations and illustrations!

Taptap Revenge!

This is the app that started it all! I was lucky enough to work with some amazing people and learn a metric fuck ton about user habits, triggers, rewards and the iTunes App store hustle.

Disney Mural!

After Disney bought Tapulous, our new office needed some large format murals, still don't know how this one and the others got approved but it was a ton of fun.

Poster love

When people drop amazing quotes in conversation I often write them down. When they are really good, I make posters out of them.