Cor is an in-home blood sampling device that allows people to painlessly discover which actions are most
impactful on their health.

The challenge

When I met Bob and Harpreet (the founders), they were in a really interesting place with their product. They had hardware working well, users begging to test, but they didn’t have a design thesis to guide them.  


After lots of discussion, brainstorming and endless whiteboarding. We came to the conclusion that “Life is an Experiment.” When we try new things, we collect data about how they help us or harm us, and hopefully, positive habits form from these experiences.


With a North Star we were able to start testing ideas and theories about what kind of habits we could convert users to. Our first test was purely chat based with a subset of actions— it created a nice duality to the app that I have yet to see anywhere else. 


Health is not simple. Since we couldn't reduce too much we went for big, clean clarity. 

Context aware chat conversations

With health, people always have questions, so I came up with this nice mechanic of 3D Touch to drag any part of the app into a conversational jump off point. Pretty fun :) 

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“Brett is a creative visionary who follows his own muse to arrive at spectacular app design ideas.  If that were all, that would put him in the top 1% of all designers, but Brett goes further.  Through his relentless focus on habit in design and engagement, he consistently arrives at new interesting solutions well before the rest of the room does.  Brett is an architect - he helped align the underpinnings of the Cor app with user behavior.  Brett is a connector and a maven, and this forgotten skill aligns him with some of the most memorable and successful people of Silicon Valley.  Make sure Brett gets his mind into your product before design freeze or you will probably end up with a suboptimal, incomplete solution." 

- Bob Messerschmidt CEO of COR