Falling Letters is a game I designed by mixing the ideas of Scrabble and Tetris. The product became a quirky love child of the two 

The Product

Falling Letters is a spelling word game that presents an interesting challenge. As the letters stack up there is a minimum of 3 words on the screen, but physics based stacking makes individual shape detection hard. When you make something hard, you want the pay out to be big. In our case, the bigger the word, the bigger the celebration.  

The Challenge

Making games is hard, really fucking hard. Most UX projects are designed to help people get in and out, not to simultaneously frustrate and entertain them. Finding the balance between the two takes a massive amount of twisted empathy and creativity from the whole team.


As if making games was not hard enough, making games that make money is worse. We tested a handful of ways to deal with this and found that offering users a life saving move that cleared the board was the trick.

Reviews can be rough...

With a 4 man team you’d think more things would have slipped through the cracks— not to say some things didn’t, but for the most part we nailed it.

Numbers don't lie

15+ min retention time for a mobile app is mind blowing. We spent a good amount of time thinking that our tracking tools were broken. 

Play it for yourself!