I was invited to interview with Google X. 24 hours before the meeting they asked that I come up with an interface for a time machine.  

Quick actions

Make it quick, actionable and gestural. The assumption here is that if time travel was this readily available it would be used more so for tuning a persons day.

Easy gestures 

The dial represents 24 hours, sliding the button along it moves you forward or backward in time, incrementally. 

Save moments

Tapping the first action button allows you to quickly store moments in time so you can return to them later.

Drill down

Knowing Google, they would want more than just the BC and AD option 🙄 

Not the right time 

Although they loved the UX and I really liked the people I met with, it was not a good fit for either of us at the time. Nevertheless, the challenge was really fun!

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