GE and Intel came together to anounce a partnership to make a smarter more effective grid and prove that helping the earth can be good business as well. 

The challenge

The team had really pie in the sky ideas they wanted to show that sounded great on paper, but were far from executable. Managing expectations is harder than managing people sometimes :)  


Push through with best recommendations. Part of the work was translating what was in place and the rest was coming up with new art work that better fit the concept and was more attainable. 

Iso all day!

I loved making iso animations. Abstracting the ideas out to be simple happy shareable loops is really effective. 


Tons of fun. SVG animation to this level was considered pretty new which allowed for lots of learning. Credit to the art team at little red robot for illustrations and high level direction.

Well received 

In the end, we did just what we set out for— to make sweet shareable content that  helped socialize the partnership of the two brands

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