I co-created mind OS to allow thinkers to map their thoughts and share ideas on a whole new level. 


Big complex ideas can’t be forced into list views. Mental maps and memory palaces were spatial at their onset and then confined in the digital age. We made MindOS to impower thinkers to make the inner working of their minds sharable.

Infinite: Space/ Scale/ Connections

Figure it out. We spent weeks testing and coming up with new interaction models and functional UX patterns.

Cognition reduced to 3 classifications.

3 layers that can stand alone or together. 1) Thoughts as individual nodes. 2) Ideas as a collection of thoughts. 3) Mind, a sea of both 1 and 2 which all inevitably share connections.

The network effect.

The end goal would be something liken to a 3D version of wiki. Users would be able to publish models for review that would then work them into a master map of all shared information. 

Amazing opportunity 

Thanks to Sam and Amanda we were lucky enough to share the early stages of our work at TedX San Francisco. Just 30 days from the project's inception, we were presenting to thousands of peers on a global platform.