Motiv is a wearable ring that tracks your movements and heartbeat to give you a better understanding of your health. 

The challenges

After starting, I found that the most interesting part of Motiv's value proposition was not communicated in either the app or the website...  🤔

Active Minutes!

The concept behind their fitness tracking was to encourage users to get 10 active minutes a day. The first step in changing a persons behavior is changing their mind, so I designed this simple story line with the team to teach users why active minutes matter. 

Credit Devon Stern for the quality animation. 

Connecting people to their heart

The goal was to deepen the connection between users and their heart health to change their health habits. I created this simple animation that visualized their heartbeat in real time. 

Logical architecture

After a healthy amount of qualitative testing around navigational structures, a timeline feed of card summaries tested best. 

Celebration is key

I’m a strong believer in balancing cognitive load with reward. When there’s a  chance to cheer someone on or make them smile— I’ll take it. 

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