Navdy, best described as Google Glass for the car.

The challenges

As the first designer on board, there were lots of variables. How the human eye preceives different wave lenghts of light, how those waves translate to color and how those colors are mapped to user psychology. Oh and the interface is touchless. 

Solution. Pt1

Make a tool. There were too many unknowns and too little time to make wrong turns. So I worked with the CTO to make the Navdy prototype to be my only display throughout the project. 

Solution Pt2

Make rules. We were building a device to save people from the mistake of taking their eyes off the road, but also a platform for other applications. This required some foundational ground rules to insure our safty standards scaled to millions of users. 


We worked with the Sandwich video guys and they crushed it. The work we did lead to $27 millon in funding with another $15 million in subsequent rounds.

Hardware is hard

Sadly, even with great sales, an innovative product that literally saves lives and an awesome team pushing hard, Navdy hit some critical bumps in the road that lead to it’s end. 

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“Brett’s designs were the spark that lit a fire and helped launch the rocketship that was Navdy"

-Doug, CEO of Navdy