Notice is an Apple TV app that a buddy and I made with the goal of making social notifications beautiful and non-invasive.

The challenge

Notifications suck.  By their very nature they are disruptive. I wanted to fix that. I wanted to know what was going on with my network without being subjected to little boxes. 


With the launch of Apple TV we saw an opportunity to fix this. We moved hard and fast against the concept of turning your TV into a piece of art that responded to your social notifications with fun, yet beautiful animations. 

Simple and fun

The outer form reacts to new posts from your followers, the middle form reacts when you receive new likes and the inner most form react to the most personal of notifications, the DM.


We wanted to test the market place a bit and added special, premium themes. Having paid content in a paid app is hard to pull off but in the end, the special themes accounted for 33% of the project revenue. 


Notice was as fun as it was profitable thanks to a great team sprinting on a fun idea. It helped all of us get way ahead of the ball having shipped one of the first 500 Apple TV apps to hit the store (and the only one to have the keyword instagram hidden in its key words) 

Check out Notice