Wonder Workshop creates robots that teach kids the fundamentals of programming.

The challenge

Designing a system for teaching kids 3 and up the fundamental concept of IFTT with 0 hands on guidance, purely through UX / UI.


After throwing out 6 seemingly great ways of solving this the final answer was absolute reduction. We presented kids with a single dot and some audio. 

Solution Pt1

After tapping it once kids were presented with IF This behaviors, selecting one poped out a new bubble with Then That behaviors. The Chains kids created scaled up to hundreds of functions they could save and reuse.


After months of prototypes Wonder labs was able to get their V1 into a launch video that took them through a successful Kickstarter campaign and a large round of private investment.

"We used Brett's help with prototypes at the early stage of product development. He and his team were great at collaborating, listening, and being creative with the app design and development. Brett is creative, user focused, and was fun to work with."

Vikas Gupta, CEO Wonder Workshop